About Us

Our organization 2nd Hand Rigs was founded in 2018, by ERKE Group creating a platform worldwide for all second-hand foundation machineries from Turkey. 

The machines are all in very good condition and are sold from rooted, economically religable strong Turkish companies. On our website, we vastly focus on; Piling Rigs, Micro Piling Rigs, Diaphram Wall Machines, Jet Grouting Sets, Cranes, Bentonite Plants, Vibro Hammers, and Diesel Hammers.

2ndhandrigs.com targets customers from all around to world looking for clean, reliable and great deal machineries.

Through ERKE Service we can provide detailed technical reports of each machine.

Technical Team

Our certificated team of experts in different fields are in your service.

Customer Satisfaction

Our core goal is to help our customers.

Price Performance

Both in quality and price, our performance is much higher than any of our competitiors.